The Project Zwitscherbox is a collaboration of Relaxound and ///able - Studio für Design. The founders have developed a number of unique Relaxtools which produce relaxing birds and forrest sounds or produce a relaxing smell.

The Relaxound team has made it their task to make the world a little more beautiful and relaxed. The products relax the senses and take our mind off things. The Zwitscherbox is the top seller in many boutiques and has already found friends all over the world. It has already helped more than 600,000 people in 25 countries to be more relaxed and feel more refreshed.

The living connection is proud to take to project into Spain and have the Spanish consumers enjoy the relaxing sounds just before a 'siesta', during a visit to the restroom, while cooking or have you baby sleep in with it.



With its cheerful chirping, the Zwitscherbox provides moments of peace and relaxation in everyday life. A motion sensor triggers a concert of birdsong lasting 2 minutes. Just like a walk in the forest, we hear the refreshing sound of birds. We take a deep breath and experience a state of well-being. The Zwitscherbox reminds us on a daily basis to breathe deeply and to recharge our batteries with fresh energy.

The idea behind the Zwitscherbox came about 6 years ago. Since that time, it has already helped more than

600,000 people in 25 countries to be more relaxed and feel more refreshed.

The Best places for ZwitscherBox:

 • Bathroom • Guest WC • Dressing room • Hallway • Entrances to buildings • Staircase



The Birdybox provides immediate relaxation in almost any situation. A motion sensor triggers a concert of birdsong lasting 20 seconds. Just right for a moment of freshness and relaxation. This makes us calm and happy, like a ray of sunshine illuminating our minds. With every chirp of the Birdybox, we feel exhilarated and free.


The Best places for BirdyBox

at Home: By the coffee machine • On the bookshelf • In the entrance area
at the Office: In the kitchenette • By the photocopier • In the hallway

The BirdyBox is kind to the Environment

  • Its environmentally-friendly battery lasts for months

  • Housing up to 93% from renewable raw materials

  • Packaging made of 100% recycled paper


Relaxscent Sticks

The hand-rolled incense sticks from Relaxscent spread the finest of fragrances in a lightly floating smoke. The short burning time of 5 - 8 minutes is designed specifically for European needs and therefore for use in smaller rooms. The pleasant fragrance lifts spirits and remains in the room for several hours. A soothing ritual for increased clarity, joy and serenity.

The incense sticks are hand-rolled in India and contain only natural ingredients such as herbs, resins, woods, essential oils and dried blossom powders. They emit their scent in 10 individual aromas.


The Best places for Relaxscent

In the bathroom • In the living room •  In a massage salon • In a beauty shop


You are enthusiastic about Relaxound and you want to know more about becoming a retailer for Relaxound?

Feel free to app or email us.

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