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Puik Design is a Dutch design brand with a selection of essentials in furniture, lighting and accessories.

Puik is old Dutch for ‘excellent’ or ‘great’.

Label puik represents contemporary Dutch designers. People who they know first-hand and closely collaborate with. Frederik Roijé, Lex Pott, Ilias Ernst, a.o. The collection has been put together under art direction of Tineke Beunders (Ontwerpduo).


Dutch design narrowed down to a collection of essentials.

Puik selects and coproduces, showcases and delivers. Straight from the source to liven up your home, or spice up any workspace.


                                                                                              puik is people

              just like you



The main line with the collection of furniture are the Dost sofa, lounge, dinner and footstool.

Named for the native word meaning ‘friendship’, the Dost series was inspired by one of our most basic human needs:
comfort. Dost in Turkish means 'embrace'

This inviting, cosy series has been designed to provide a sense of solace and safety. Whether you’re having a bad day or just want to curl up with a good book, a few moments resting on a Dost will be as comforting as a cuddle from an old chum.

The furniture collection is completed with stools, tables, a shelf and rugs.



Puik Design's collection3 different unique designs.

Loyd. Nieuwe Heren chose to use wood for the supporting ring on the inside of the lamp, because this ensures the natural character of the lamp. An amazing detail of the Lloyd is the finishing that contains a bold stitch down the side.

Cone. Numerous sketches were made by Kranen&Gille, drawn with a single line, until the ideal one appeared. This resulted in the Cone light, with as its focal point a glass cylinder emerging from that one perfect line.

Groove. With the design of the Groove, Ilias Ernst looked for a form could be applied widely. A lamp that could fit both a classical and modern interior.



Puik Design has a wide collection of different accesories where always design, functionality and a touch of Dutch design are combined.

The collection holds candles, mugs, cushions, a vase, a carafe, a wine cooler, hangers and to secure children savings a piggy bank.

Check out for more the catalogue or Puik's website.

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