WHAT IS THE ZWITSCHERBOX? With its cheerful chirping, the Zwitscherbox provides moments of peace and relaxation in everyday life. A motion sensor triggers a concert of birdsong lasting 2 minutes. Just like a walk in the forest, we hear the refreshing sound of birds. We take a deep breath and experience a state of well-being. The Zwitscherbox reminds us on a daily basis to breathe deeply and to recharge our batteries with fresh energy.


The idea behind the Zwitscherbox came about 6 years ago. Since that time, it has already helped more than 600,000 people in 25 countries to be more relaxed and feel more refreshed.


20,50 €Price
  • Dimensions: W 110 x H 145 x D 35 mm 

    Weight: 260 

    Housing material: plastic 

    Front material: Plexiglas orwood Batteries: 3 x AA (included)