Stay wireless and get powered up at the same time. Meet wiCHARGE, the classy contact-based wireless charger that makes charging simple and neat.
All you have to do is connect wiCHARGE to a power outlet and gently place your Qi compatible device on top. wiCHARGE is elegantly designed with sophisticated details fitting into every home. It has a circular look, a soft touch surface, and beautiful leather elements.
wiCHARGE comes in beautiful colours, so you can always find one that matches your style. Let the charging begin.
wiCHARGE is also available in a wheat fibre version as part of the CARE collection. This makes the Qi charger extra special as it contains 35% less plastic. 


18,16 €Price
  • ●    Standard: Qi
    ●    Compatible with Qi enabled devices
    ●    Soft touch surface with PU leather details
    ●    Input: DC5.0V / 2.0A DC9.0V, 1.8A
    ●    Output: 10W max
    ●    Charging efficiency: ≥72%
    ●    Charging distance: ≥8 mm
    ●    Frequency: 110-205K
    ●    Dimensions: 100x11mm (DxH)