WHAT IS RELAXCENT? The hand-rolled incense sticks from Relaxscent spread the finest of fragrances in a lightly floating smoke. The short burning time of 5 - 8 minutes is designed specifically for European needs and therefore for use in smaller rooms. The pleasant fragrance lifts spirits and remains in the room for several hours. A soothing ritual for increased clarity, joy and serenity.
The fragrance innovation in the field of incense sticks
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24 packs of Relaxscent 1 pack contains 10 incense sticks: 5 pcs. Departure & 5 pcs. Arrival

WIDE RANGE OF FRAGRANCES The incense sticks are hand-rolled in India and contain only natural ingredients such as herbs, resins, woods, essential oils and dried blossom powders.

They emit their scent in 10 individual aromas:

Departure: 5 fragrances lending power and energy

Arrival: 5 fragrances to soothe the body and spirit

Relaxscent Sticks

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