Iso - Rugs

Ontwerpduo (Tineke Beunders & Nathan Wierink) - In collection since 2017.
The work of Ontwerpduo is poetic and practical at the same time. In most of their designs, they implement a playful touch that is predominant without being overdone. The image of Iso is very powerful because of the incorrect perspective: a three dimensional appearance within a two dimensional product. This misleading effect is what makes this design special.
Tineke was inspired by her father, who used to learn her how to make 3D drawings. She was so fascinated about this way of drawing, that she did it over and over again, using different shapes, sizes and colors.
Ontwerpduo decided to use 100% wool for this design, because it’s soft to touch yet easy to clean. Also, by using wool, they were free to use every color which suited this design well.


Iso ׀ Rugs

318,16 €Price
  • Material 100% Wool
    Production method Hand-tufted
    Color options
    Sizes (w x h x d)
    Hexagon 200 x 142 x 1 cm
    Rectangle 260 x 162 x 1 cm