Wine cooler

In collection since 2015
Ilias Ernst creates functional and well-designed products which express simplicity and creativity with a surprising edge. The design of the Hat is simple because of the shape, yet surprising because of the choice for the material EPP. Ilias Ernst was inspired by EPP, which is never used before in designing a wine cooler.
Ilias chose to use EPP for this design, because he is convinced of the fact that material has to support the function of the product. EPP has two functions: it isolates in temperature that ensures the wine to stay cool, and it isolates in sound, which means that there is no sound when you put the bottle back in the cooler.


Hat ׀ Wine cooler

11,36 €Price
  • Material EPP
    Production method EPP foam beads are injected into a mold. Pressure and steam heat fuse the beads into finished shape.
    Color options
    Black and white spots
    Size (w x h x d) 18 x 20 x 15cm