Mirror (Small/Medium/Large)

Lex Pott - In collection since 2017
Lex Pott is fascinated by the grinding of glass. By using this method in combination with the contemporary shape of the mirror, he connects the past with the present. He was inspired by the old fashioned way of facet grinding in mirrors and glass.
The isometric shape is what makes this design special. By cutting of the edge of the glass, he created depth in a product that is rather flat

Facett ׀ Mirror

15,98 €Price
  • Material Glass
    Production method Facet grinding
    Color options Silver
    Sizes (w x h x d)
    Large 150 x 50 x 0,5 cm
    Medium 82,5 x 50 x 0,5 cm
    Small 40 x 20 x 0,5 cm