Shelf (reversible)

Frederik Roijé
In collection since 2017 - Frederik Roijé is a designer because he is fascinated by creating. He designs interior products in order to make people’s life environment more pleasant.

The Duplex wall shelf was designed by stacking different sizes of cubes on top of each other. This creates for multiple functions within one design, thus creating multiple storing options on one shelf: magazines, books, small objects like pens or simply decorate the Duplex with a plant.
What makes this design special is that Duplex is a two-sided, switchable wall shelf that can be hung top-down or bottom-up. It is aesthetic yet functional and smart.


Duplex ׀ Shelf

81,80 €Price
  • Material Silicone
    Production method Molding
    Color options
    Size (w x h x d) 8 x 6.5 x 10.5cm