KREAFUNK is a Danish lifestyle brand with a simple philosophy: Life shouldn’t be an eternal strive for perfection. They celebrate and embrace the diversity of the ordinary everyday life where it’s the small things that make it extraordinary.

You don’t have to climb mountains to achieve the good life. You don’t need a design-stuffed home to impress. You don’t have to be picture-perfect to be cool. Forget perfection!

KREAFUNK is for real people, living real lives. For those who really know how to tune in on the good life. KREAFUNK encourages everyone to get the best out of life. Anytime. Anywhere. They actually like to put it this way:

Don't live to retire



Smooth sound makes for an even greater day!

The stylish and cool speakers are made to adorn both your interior at home and your everyday workspace, and to make it easy for you to bring music along when you're on the move.

The wireless Bluetooth system offers many placement options and gives you the freedom to listen to your favourite tunes – wherever and whenever you want!

All our speakers support Bluetooth and have built-in batteries, which makes your everyday life with music totally wireless and easy. In our wide collection of speakers, we have cool and trendy ones, beautiful and stylish ones as well as multi-functional choices. Furthermore, you can make the speakers even more ‘you’ by adding your favourite colour to the model of your choosing.



Great sound and freedom go hand in hand.

At KREAFUNK they see accessories as more than just earrings and handbags. With our headphones you can be sure to listen to your favourite music in style.

Add that something extra to your outfit, and bring great sound with you when you're on the move – all while enjoying the freedom of ‘no strings attached’. With headphones from KREAFUNK you get hands-free functions and wireless Bluetooth, and they come in both on-ear and in-ear versions. The possibilities are endless, and we keep the quality of the sound, design, and the sense for detail to the same high standards as with any other KREAFUNK product. Personalise your headphones by selecting your favourite model and spice it up with one of the cool colour choices.

Stand out with these unique headphones by KREAFUNK.




They're thrilled to introduce you to KREAFUNK CARE, a more environmentally friendly approach to our way of doing business. 

For the CARE assortment, KREAFUNK has reduced the use of plastic in each productwith 35%. They replaced it with wheat straw fibres, which are made from renewable resources. Furthermore, they’re thrilled to have partnered with the Danish textile company Gabriel® who has delivered the recycled polyester fabric for our audio grilles.

What about the quality you might ask? No worries. Though they’ve replaced a lot of the plastic with natural fibres as well as adding recycled fabrics on some of our products, the incredible sound that you know from the other products haven't changed a bit.


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